Woodmad’ began life as a good idea which sprouted seed in the storms of 2005. As an Arborist and owner of Nomad Specialist Tree Services, Gareth ‘Stan’ Healey, was finding himself very much in demand, helping in the ‘cleanup’ operations, clearing sites where trees had fallen or felling trees which were no longer safe. Much of this wood was destined to be firewood.

This seemed such a waste of these magnificent trees whose growth had been suddenly halted. Whilst felling trees on Kendal castle, Stan suggested reusing the timber within the castle grounds so that the trees could continue to enhance the area.

This suggestion was readily agreed to and the fallen timber became car park fencing and view point benches on castle hill. From this idea, a business began to grow, and now ‘Woodmad’ exists to give ongoing life to trees in the form of furniture, play equipment, garden buildings, sheds and other bespoke pieces.

‘Woodmad’ aims to ensure that local wood is used in all of their projects, wherever they are located. If carrying out a project on site and more wood is required, locally source materials will be used wherever possible.

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